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Student Researcher Spotlight: Alicia Gamble (she/her)

Alicia Gamble (she/her) is a second year graduate student in the Professional Science Master’s (PSM) program. Her path to Portland State University came with a lot of detours. She earned a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and Biology in Colorado with an ambition to work in the physical sciences. However, after graduating and working several different jobs (i.e. park ranger, chemistry analyst, substitute teacher), she realized that her heart was calling her to help the environment through people. She was drawn to environmental justices issues, particularly with water, as it is integral to life on earth. Moving away from the physical sciences in the Water Justice Lab, she began investigating how people experiencing houselessness are impacted by their access to water in Portland’s enhanced services districts (ESDs). Through her research in water justice, she hopes to tell the stories of one of the most vulnerable populations in Portland in order to inspire and inform change surrounding water accessibility in Portland.

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