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Street Roots Article: ‘I don’t have much money, but I pay for good water’

Street Roots partnered with Portland State University researchers to include vendors’ voices in a statewide study on perspectives and experiences surrounding water. Street Roots is Portland, Oregon's award-winning, nonprofit, independent news source focusing on social, economic and environmental justice.

Clear glass bottle with water that's being being poured out
(Photo by Benjamin Voros/Unsplash)

The Oregon Water Stories Project is an interdisciplinary team of Portland State University researchers investigating Oregonians’ attitudes and beliefs regarding water. Through interviews and surveys of stakeholder groups, this research intends to inform policymakers about Oregonians’ perspectives and experiences surrounding water, especially those of underrepresented and marginalized groups. The inclusion of these voices in decision making is necessary in order to craft equitable water policy.

Street Roots vendors are one group of stakeholders whose perspectives are being included in the Oregon Water Stories Project, or OWS, research project. Given the unique water challenges faced by people experiencing homelessness or poverty, it is particularly important to amplify these perspectives when informing equitable and inclusive water policy.

Article written by: by Sanya Cowal and Clare McClellan, with quotes from Melissa Haeffner.

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