Volunteer Opportunities

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing safety measures being taken by both the federal and state governments in the US, this page has been created as an opportunity for those of us who wish to help our communities in these trying times.

Little things you can do...

This is by no means a comprehensive list, but here are some ideas of what you can do to support your community and those who do not have  the option of staying quarantined. This list was created by Michelle Obama.

- Contact your local school and sign up to volunteer with their food distribution program. Know a teacher? Reach out and ask how you can help.

- Call the parents you know who are figuring out this new normal- offer to give their kids a lesson or read a story.

- Offer to pick up groceries for your most at-risk and older neighbors by leaving a note on their door.

- Call your local hospital and ask if you can order takeout for staff from a local restaurant, or donate to restaurants that are already offering free meals to first responders and families in need.

- If you are able to, buy gift certificates from your favorite local businesses and save them for later, or give them as gifts right now to your grocery store cashier, mail carrier, or anyone else providing vital services in your community.

- If you can, go online and make a donation at your local food bank. (Portland has wonderful organizations like the Sunshine Division)

- If you are able, send payments to your hairstylist, barber, and nail technician as if you were keeping your appointments.

- Be gentle with yourself. It's normal to feel overwhelmed and afraid. It's okay to log off and take a break. It's okay to say "I need help." We can all take turns lifting each other up.

PDX COVID-19 Mutual Aid Network

We want to continue to keep you updated on the work we're doing to support our community as we navigate the COVID-19 crisis. As we continue to grow and build systems, we're recognizing additional volunteer needs outside of 1:1 food delivery. Below we have listed the other volunteer opportunities available right now so you can jump in and help out.

If you are interested in these specific roles, please complete this brief form.

Volunteer Accountant
Role: Serve as a liaison between our finance team and dispatch team to support equitable resource distribution. This person would ideally be an accountant or have a solid financial background.

Volunteer at JOIN
Role: JOIN is now a food box hub M-F 11am-2pm. We can use volunteers who can sort, package and deliver food boxes from that location.

Volunteer with Restaurant/Food
Role: We have food coming in from restaurants that needs sorting/organization/repackaging for distribution in a number of locations. Ideally, you would have food prep/safety experience.

Volunteer Oregon Food Bank food delivery
Role: Pick up food boxes from one of several locations (times and locations listed on volunteer form) and deliver to homes (outside drop off for safety).

Volunteer Dispatcher
Role: From home, coordinate volunteers who are wanting to deliver supplies with requesters. We are especially interested in bilingual volunteers for this role but are open to English only speakers as well. You will need to be able to navigate a google sheet for this role. 

Volunteer Advocacy
Role: We have a need for people who can do advocacy for people with disabilities both on our dispatch team and delivery team.


Volunteer Opportunity