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Water Justice Lab member receives Scholarship

This fall term, many of the Water Justice Lab team members began preparing research proposals with Dr. Haeffner, including myself. Thanks to her guidance, some of us were also fortunate enough to find and receive awards for our proposals.

Portland State University has many scholarship opportunities, one of them being the Edward D. and Olive C. Bushby Scholarship. This endowment supports PSU graduate and undergraduate students in the Environmental Sciences and Management Department. The funds may be used for research, travel to a professional conference, or as a stipend.

In applying for the Bushby scholarship, I hoped to secure funding to compensate interview participants in my proposed research study about the Jordan Cove Energy Project in Southern Oregon. Thanks to Dr. Haeffner's advice, and the support of other Lab members, I was one of the lucky recipients of the scholarship. While the future of my project is unclear due to COVID restrictions, if possible, I will use the funds to travel to the Southern Oregon communities affected by the Jordan Cove Project proposal.

I appreciate the generosity of the committee awarding this scholarship, and especially everyone who has been supporting me during my time at PSU.

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