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Student Researcher Spotlight: Tapiwa Chabikwa (he/him)

Tapiwa Chabikwa is a Masters of Science student in the Environmental Science and Management department at Portland State University (PSU). As a student in the Water Justice Lab, his research interests are in water availability in Oregon. Tapiwa graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Management (2018) and also acquired graduate certificates in Geographic Information Systems and Hydrology (2021) from PSU.

Tapiwa is the secretary of the GIS club, he is a Student Sustainability Center Fellow active in the Green Council and PSU Reuse Room program, and he is also a fellow for the Certificate of Innovation in College Teaching. From Fall 2020 - Summer 2021, he was part of the International Cultural Service Program at PSU. He was recently awarded the Ed and Olive Bushby Scholarship Fund of $2000 in 2021.

Connect with Tapiwa at

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