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Yamhill County gets its name from the Yamhelas Tribe (a part of the Kalapuya family) who have occupied the area for approximately 8,000 years. Yamhill County, like many other Oregonian counties, faces drought and groundwater depletion.

What people are talking about

Yamhill County is located in northwestern Oregon. Yamhill’s largest urban area is McMiniville, which functions as the county’s seat and the primary location of many businesses. Yamhill County is home to around 108,000 residents (Census, 2021.) About 10.9% of the entire population live in poverty, with an average unemployment rate of 4.3% (as of 2022). 5.1% of the people are individuals under the age of 5, while 18.4% are over the age of 65. Between the age groups of 5 and 65, around 10.5% of the population live with a disability, with 8.5% living without health insurance coverage.

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